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Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Leadership Skills is now being piloted by schools and FE colleges. Keep up to date with the L3 by keeping an eye on this site.

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"One of the most informative courses I have been on in a while!" Lyndsay Reavley from High Tunstall College of Science

One-day courses are aimed at teachers and advisors, providing information about the qualification, how to get started, what types of experiences to provide and more. For more information contact

What is the STEM Leaders Qualification?

Information can be downloaded on the attachment below - 'STEM Leadership Skills'... or read on...

It is a BTEC Award or Certificate Level 1, 2 and 3 and the first qualification to accredit youngsters for leadership skills through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Target: work on it from 14 years old
Qualification: BTEC Level 1, 2 and now L3 
Carrying SCATT points for your school or college

The SLQ, developed by the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University in partnership with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) is being offered now through Edexcel's Workskills Framework.

The detail:

  • Clear learning outcomes and assessment criteria internally assessed by the school
  • Tasks not tests, youngsters compile evidence of progress and achievement
  • 100% internal assessment based on pass level only - enables curriculum activities and engagment & enrichment to be accredited
  • Integrates Assessment for Learning encouraging self, peer and adult assessment
  • Support and training from Edexcel and the CSE.

Successful when incoporated in curriculum and enrichment activities. To view the units download the relevant attachments at the foot of this page.

Developing personal skills for leadership
with colleagues and other learners
Practising leadership skills with others
Communicating solutions to others

Learning from more experienced people Working in a Team

Also attached below are some useful information and guidance documents about getting started. Contact us directly and we'll guide you through. We'll take away any hassles.


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Edexcel BTEC Delivering & Assessing Documents

These documents have been compressed into a single zip archive for easy downloading.

Download Edexcel BTEC documents (Zip) 2.25MB

STEM Leadership Skills Flyer (PDF)526.62 KB
Introduction to STEM Leadership Skills (PDF)54.94 KB
How can my centre sign up to STEM (Word)39 KB
STEM and Business (PDF)1.92 MB
STEM Additional Training & Resources (Word)42.5 KB
Workskills-L1-C-in-Leadership-Skills-QCF-020811.pdf610.11 KB
Workskills-L2-Cert-in-Leadership-Skills-200711[1].pdf824.23 KB
STEM_L3_pilot_v3.pdf663.16 KB